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    ABOUT US 一家專注沃爾沃挖掘機備件與道依茨發動機備件的專業供應商

    Xuzhou Pinzheng Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the five provinces of the Xuzhou ("Chinese engineering machinery", national equipment manufacturing (Mechanical Engineering) industry demonstration base), is a specialized supplier of spare parts and focus on Volvo excavator DEUTZ engine spare parts.

    The company is located in Jiangsu city of Xuzhou province Jinshan Bridge Development Zone, Huaihai Hardware Electrical Market East three 8-12, more than the existing technical backbone with professional skill training. They not only know the engineering machinery design, structure and use of the theory, and from the major brands of after-sales service work to get a lot of practical experience in the field of service to achieve high efficiency, high quality.

    The company's main services are:

    Volvo excavator parts: products are mechanical based on professional and technical advantages, information advantage, price advantage, to provide our customers with high-quality pure Volvo excavator accessories. Has become the majority of users and large enterprises "spare parts procurement center.

    Deutz engine parts (two): the company is committed to the introduction of foreign advanced technology and services, while providing high-quality and pure for customers DEUTZ engine parts, quality assurance, price concessions.

    Companies adhering to the "customer first, honesty, creating value, enhance the brand" service concept, is committed to become Chinese quality engineering machinery accessories Service Providers, and strive to achieve a win-win situation with customers.


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